Program Sponsors

At Serenity Farm we are grateful
to have the support of businesses
in the Columbia Valley

One of our Riding Club Sponsors

Brad and Jody Cable with Great West Appraisal were our first farm sponsor. We are very grateful to have their support here at the farm.

They sponsor one child a month in the program. We are very fortunate to have businesses like theirs in the Valley that help kids who would benefit from a program like this one. Thank you to Great West Appraisal for the ongoing support.

One of our Riding Club Sponsors

Invermere Home Hardware has been a sponsor for our riding club program since fall of 2021 sponsoring one child a month.

Every month they sponsor a child to participate in our riding club program. This is a horsemanship program that gives kids an opportunity to spend time with horses, learn horsemanship skills, how to care for your horse, play games and some riding. Children who have participated have given great feedback on the program and we are happy to be able to offer it. Thank you to Invermere hardware and


for giving a child in the Valley this opportunity.

Anonymous Sponsors

We have had many anonymous sponsorships at the farm. Thank you to all those who have donated towards kids in our programs. We have heard great feedback from families on how their child has benefited from the program and it wouldn’t have been made possible without your support.

Email Angela Miller at or call 250-341-5216 if you are interested in sponsoring a child in our programs.

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