Home School Group

Every Wednesday starting April 5th, children ages 5 and up are invited onto the farm to participate in our home school program. Each week we have a different activity on the farm. We play games, visit farm animals, learn various farm jobs, gardening tips and visiting with friends. We sometimes have special visitors including the public library that comes out and offers an activity. Don’t miss out in this fun opportunity.

Times available for this group are 12-2pm or 10-2pm.

Monthly prebooked rates include 4 sessions in the month.

Our homeschool program will end June 14th.

  • Monthly cost $80 for 12-2pm sessions
  • Monthly cost $180 for 10-2pm sessions.
  • Drop in fee is available at $30 for the 2 hour sessions or $50 for the full day.

Contact Angela at serenityfarmcv@outlook.com or 250-341-5216 for more info.

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